Taipei Juvenile Detention House


Brief History of The Taipei Juvenile Detention House , Agency of Corrections , Ministry of Justice

Brief History of The Taipeijuvenile Detention House

Established on 1 July 1971, Taipei Juvenile Detention House , Agency of Corrections , Ministry of Justice was originally located next to the old site of TaipeiDetention House at Aiguo East Road, Taipei City. In 1974, construction of the present building was startedin order to expand the Detention House and enhance the facilities to accommodate increasing numbers of juvenile inmates. The Detention House was moved to the new location on 30 April 1978, with a maximum capacity of 500 inmates. The Detention House is under the jurisdiction of the Taiwan High Prosecutors Office. In May 1998, the Drug Rehabilitation Place was added to the Detention House  after the announcement of Drug Prevention and Control Act.



Location of The Taipei Juvenile Detention House , Agency of Corrections , Ministry of Justice

MapBus access: Taipei City Bus Route 245; Fuho Bus Service Route 628
(1)   Taipei City Bus route 245:Bo-ai Rd.----- R Jhongcing S. Rd. R Gongyuan Rd. R Huajiang Bridge R Wunhua      Rd.  (Banciao City) R Rear Railway Station R De-lin Institute of Technology R TJDH
(2)   Fuhe Bus Service route 628:Jhonghua Rd. R Kangding Rd. R Wanhua R Huajhong Bridge R Liancheng Rd. R De-lin Institute of Technology RTJDH 
MRT Tucheng Line   
Haishan Station → Bus 245 → TJDY

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